Published Work
Summer 2017 Edition
Bugatti Owners Club "Bugantics" Vol. 80
Three images in this issue: Two from the Prescott April meeting and one from 'La Vie en Blue / La Vita Rosso' in May.
Opened October 2017
Customer Meeting Room Visuals
Some of my commercial images have been used as backgrounds for some corporate visuals in TCL Packagings' new customer meeting room, overlaid with suitable marketing messages.
August/September 2017 Edition
HSA Speedscene Issue 195
The August/September 21017 edition of the Hillclimb & Sprint Association's (HSA) Speedscene magazine (Issue 195) carried an article on the Chateau Impney hillclimb from back in July written by Hagley & District Light Car Club (HDLCC) regular Dave Parr. It was supplimented by a couple of my images of ERA's on the hill.
Published 25th September 2017
Hillclimb & Sprint Association (HSA) website

Jerry Sturman's report "Moran wins and spins" covering the Loton Park speed hillclimb on 24th September 2017 was accompanied by 3 images (Link) on the HSA website:

Autumn 2017 Edition
VSCC The Bulletin

A bumper crop of my images in this issue including:

  • 4 from Curborough in May 2017
  • 2 from Loton Park in May 2017
  • 9 from Oulton Park's autosolo in June 2017
  • 2 from Shelsley Walsh in July 2017
Published 9th September 2017
Worcester News

The Worcester News of Saturday 9th September carried an article by Tony Adams on the recent Prescott hill climb which was supplimented with two of my images of 2017 hill climb champion Trevor Willis. The article was in both the paper version and on their website.


Published 4th September 2017
Hillclimb & Sprint Association (HSA) website

Jerry Sturman's report "Trevors Title" covering the Prescott speed hillclimb on 3rd September 2017 was accompanied by 4 images (Link) on the HSA website:

Published Aug/Sept 2017
MAC News (Midland Automobile Club)

My shot from the August Driving School at Shelsley Walsh accompanied Simon Fidoe's report in the August issue of MAC News:

Summer 2017 Edition
VSCC The Bulletin

An image from the 'Spring Start' at Silverstone was used on page 64 of the Vintage Sports-Car Club's 'The Bulletin':

Published May 2017
The MG Car Club Triple-M Register Yearbook

The prestigious annual publication of the MG Car Club Triple-M Register used one of my images from the Autosolo held at the Silverstone Spring Start in April 2016:


Published April 2017
Vintage Sports-Car Club's Facebook Page

The Vintage Sports-Car Club has used one of my images to promote the 2017 Loton Park event taken the previous year:

Spring 2017 Edition
VSCC The Bulletin

An image from last year's Cotswold Trial at Prescott was featured on page 19 of the Vintage Sports Car Club's 'The Bulletin':

March 2017 Edition
British Plastics & Rubber Magazine

Another commercial publication, this time in the British Plastics & Rubber online magazine. I was asked to capture a portrait shot of a new director at TCL Packaging Ltd. I chose a number of locations including this one outside the Reception area which included the company logo.

Published November 2016
Ha'penny Bridge Book

I was approached by Michael who asked to use one of my images ' Ironbridge in snow' in his book about a bridge that is a symbol of the city of Dublin - the first footbridge over the river Liffey and also the first iron bridge in Ireland, built in 1816. The Ha'penny Bridge' by author Michael English was published late in 2016. ISBN 978-1 907002-22-8

My image is a two-page spread over pages 54 & 55. The original can be seen in the Landscapes & Seascapes gallery.

Published October 2016
VSCC Newsletter

Nice to see one of my images from the 2015 Welsh Sporting Trial used as the cover photograph for the VSCC Newsletter promoting the 2016 event:

Autumn 2016 edition - No. 293
The Bulletin (of the VSCC)
Not one but four images in this Autumn 2016 edition of the VSCC's 'The Bulletin, including this one from Shelsley Walsh paddock taken the previous month:

August 2016 Edition - No. 169
Chain Gang Gazette

As requested by the Chain Gang Gazette editor, this image from Silverstone in April 2016 appeared in the August 2016 edition:

July 2016 Edition
The Automobile

Well the I.S. Polson advertisement containing an image taken at Orchard Corner at Prescott on 2nd August 2015 is still going strong and was once again used in the prestige publication 'The Automobile' in their July 2016 edition.

Published May 2016
Alvis Bulletin
An image from the April 2016 VSCC Silverstone meeting that appeared in the following months Alvis Bulletin (sadly they quoted the wrong year):
Published March 2016

One from the HDLCC Geoff Taylor sporting trial at Buildwas in February 2016 that appeared in the BTRDA News the following month:

November 2015 Edition
Safety Fast

Taken at Prescott on 4th October 2015, this image of an MGA appeared in the following months Safety Fast magazine:

Published Christmas 2015 - 2016

Motorsport magazine
London to Brighton Veteran Car Run official programme
The Automobile magazine
Classic & Sports Car magazine
Silverstone VSCC Spring Start Programme
Various publications (Motorsport magazine, The Automobile, Classic & Sports Car, Silverstone Spring Start programme, London to Brighton Veteran Car Run programme) ran the I.S.Polson advertisement featuring two of my images of a Talbot taken at Prescott on 2nd August 2015.

Published Autumn 2015
Bugantics magazine

The Bugatti Owners Club magazine 'Bugantics' used this image taken at Ettore's bend at Prescott on 6th September 2015:

Published September 2015
Bucklering magazine
Two images of Buckler cars taken at Chateau Impney appeared in the September 2016 edition of the 'Bucklering' journal:

Published May 2015
500 Owners Association magazine

The 500 Owners Association magazine used this image taken at 'The Esses' at Prescott on 24th May 2015:

Published July 2014
Shropshire Star Newspaper

The Shropshire Star regional newspaper used this image to publicise a local company's move:

The Worlds Greatest Buildings Book

The book 'The Worlds Greatest Buildings' contains, on page 195, an image taken of the underside of the Scheduled Ancient Monument ' The Iron Bridge':