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Below are some bitesized tutorials that I have written on workflow and post-processing with Lightroom and also a few on flash photography (strobism). More will be added as time allows.

Please be aware that my support of the John Hallett Photography ‘Lightroom Bitesize’ tutorials is to cease at the end of November 2017 and they will no longer be available for download after that time. The reason for this is that all the new features being developed for Lightroom by Adobe are only being put on the ‘Creative Cloud’ version and the stand-alone version that I use is being slowly left behind - meaning that the existing tutorials are slowly becoming out-of-date and I haven’t the capability to access the new features in order to write replacements. I have enjoyed creating them over the years and have had many messages of thanks and support but I have no choice. If you find them useful please download them now before the disappear altogether. Thanks.


Lightroom Bitesize
Lightroom workflow   Lightroom post-processing
Improving the view   The basics panel
Changing the default settings   Quick develop
Keyboard shortcuts   Straightening & cropping
Importing images   Spot removal
Simple monitor calibration   Checking for dust spots
Checking progress (before & after)   Curing converging verticals
Rating your images   The healing brush
Understanding the histogram   Achieving the correct white balance
Take a look at your history   The adjustments brush
Using virtual copies   Black & white conversion
Snapshots   Digital graduated neutral density filter
Exporting for the web   The radial filter
Backing up the catalogue   Colour popping
    The tone curve
    Removing chromatic aberration
    Digital tilt-shift effect
    Subtle HDR effect
    Loupe overlays
    Reducing noise
    Batch processing
    Creating a triptych

All Lightroom Bitesize tutorials will open as a PDF in a new tab.

Strobism Bitesize
Flashgun basics   TTL flash
Using a Sto-Fen diffuser    

All Strobism tutorials will open as a PDF in a new tab


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