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Picture credit: Carl Danny Connikie

I am a freelance photographer and website journalist from the Ironbridge Gorge, Shropshire in the United Kingdom. With over 30 years experience I regularly have work published in books, magazines, newsletters and event programmes.

I specialise in motorsport photography, which I enjoy due to the technical difficulty in creating a feeling of fast movement within a static medium, although I also engage with other genres such as studio stock photography and landscapes.

My photographs can be used in professional publications on request or I can be hired on a day-rate for a specific event. Please use the contact page for more information.

Photographs will be transferred via a Dropbox link unless agreed otherwise (please see Johns Dropbox Guide)


In 2019 I was fortunate enough to be able to set up my own product / still-life studio. This enables me to continue to develop my stock photography portfolio without having the build & dismantle the set-up each time.

Studio kit:

  • 250 w/s monobloc strobes x 3
  • 70 x 50cm softbox x 2
  • 30 x 140cm stripbox
  • 40cm beauty dish (c/w diffuser & honeycomb grid)
  • 18cm bowl x 2 (c/w honeycomb grid & barn doors)
  • Conical snoot (c/w honeycomb grid & coloured gels)
  • 84cm umbrella
  • Various lighting stands including mini & boom
  • Tripod floor dolly
  • LCD tethered viewing screen


I have media accreditation (giving trackside access) with the following motorsport clubs / venues:
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